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Hobbies & Interests

A work-life balance is key to a happy life.  While I’ve been known to spend quite a bit on time on work-related items, I do try my best to enjoy my other interests other than technology.  Here are just a few.

  • Family and Friends – With a wonderful wife and two boys (ages 2 and 4), I am kept plenty busy with a family walk around the neighborhood, trips to the playground, or just some friendly rough-housing in the living room.  The majority of our family is within an hour drive and seeing them often is important to my wife and I.  We also spend lots of time with the many friends we have made across the state.  It’s wonderful to be in the lives of such caring and wonderful people.
  • Hockey (Detroit Red Wings and NMU) – We are a hockey family.  My wife and I spent our college years enjoying Northern Michigan University hockey.  We have also been LONG time Detroit Red Wings fans. We’ve been to many games both regular season and playoffs.  I know we are both looking forward to the day we can take our sons to the games as well.
  • Golf - I’ve grown to thoroughly enjoy golf over the past few years.  While I have played it as a kid,had lessons, and those sorts of things, I haven’t really appreciated it until about 5 years ago.  I’ve also put more time,energy, and practice into the sport as well.  Practice may make perfect, but the “WHEN” of this “perfection” is a LONG way away in the game of golf.  Despite that, I enjoy the fun with friends when I go out and play and the conversation over a game with business colleagues.  My favorite course played to date is The Black Forest in Gaylord, MI.
  • Swimming/Boating – I grew up boating on the Huron River Chain of Lakes and now I get to live there.  Our Bayliner ski boat has a long tradition on these lakes as it used to belong to my best friend’s parents.  I spent many of my middle and high school summers on that boat and now my kids get the same chance.  We certainly love the water and take advantage of the recreation that it offers.
  • Hot Air Ballooning – I’ve been a huge fan of hot air ballooning since I was a child.  They used to fly over and around the house I grew up in.  Many times, we would find them landing either in our yard or in the nearby fields.  It was part of the fabric of summertime life where I lived.  The Michigan Challenge Balloonfest in Howell, MI was, and continues to be, a summertime tradition for my family.  These days, I am no longer a spectator but a participant.  I’ve crewed for many pilots throughout Michigan and have had some lessons as well as student flights.  I hope to someday own my own balloon and become a pilot.
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